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Commitment Of Traders (COT) Report

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Important: All information provided as well as trademark, service mark, trade name or any other mark are the property of U.S. Commoditiy Futures Trading Commision (CFTC). The terms of use of CFTC data can be found at CFTC Web Site and on our Terms Of Use page.

DarkMindFX provides complete set of Commitment Of Traders Reports for all 200+ commodities, financial and other instruments.

Commitment Of Traders (COT) report is represented in a two forms:

Combined format - net positions of Commercial, Non-Commercial and Speculators.

Disaggregated format - net positions of Dealers, Asset Managers and Levereged Funds.

It represents historical data going back up to 2006. You can download indicators for Commitment Of Traders report for your favorite platfrom using our Download page.

MetaTrader commitment of trader indicators

Commodities Futures : Futures-and-Options

With our indicators you can integrate and use data for analysis and trading on Metals, Oil and Energies, Wheat and any other instrument reported by CFTC in their weekly reports.

Traders in Financial Futures : Futures-and-Options

COT Canadian Dollar COT Swiss Franc COT British Pound COT Japanese Yen COT Euro Fx
COT Australian Dollar COT Euro Fx/British Pound COT Russian Ruble COT Mexican Peso COT Brazilian Real
COT New Zealand Dollar COT S.African Rand COT DJIA Consolidated COT DJIA COT S&P 500 Consolidated
COT S&P 500 Stock Index COT E-mini S&P 500 Stock Index COT NASDAQ-100 Consolidated COT NASDAQ-100 Stock Index (Mini) COT Russel 2000 Mini Index Future
COT Nikkei Stock Average COT MSCI EAFE Mini Index COT MSCI Emerging Mkts Mini Index COT E-mini S&P 400 Stock Index COT U.S. Treasury Bonds
COT Long-Term U.S. Treasury Bonds COT 2-y U.S. Treasury Notes COT 10-y U.S. Treasury Notes COT ULTRA 10-y U.S. Treasury Notes COT 5-y U.S. Treasury Notes
COT 30-days Federal Funds COT 3-month EuroDollars COT 10-y Deliverable IR Swap COT 5-y Deliverable IR Swap U.S. Dollar Index
VIX Futures Dow Jones UBS Excess Return

Commitment of Trader Index

You can also use two indicators to build COT Index - for Combined and Disaggregated data respectively.