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How To Use Indicator

In order to see the chart of some specific data series from BLS© database in you you'll need to know the BLS's ID of the data series. You can find this series ID on the BLS© official web-site. MetaTrader US economic data indicators

So just add an indicator to the chart window and specify the required series' ID as a parameter - as its shown on the picture above.
Below you can find the section with the shortcuts to the BLS© web site's categories from which you can obtain series' IDs.

Supported Labor Market Indicators

All Urban Consumers (Current Series) Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (Current Series) All Urban Consumers (Chained CPI) Average Price Data
Industry Data Commodity Data including "headline" FD-ID indexes Import/Export Price Indexes

Employment, Hours, and Earnings - Nationa Employment, Hours, and Earnings - State and Metro Area Labor Force Statistics Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS)
Business Employment Dynamics (BDM) American Time Use Survey (ATUS) Union Affiliation Data Marital and family labor force statistics

Pay & Benefits
Modeled Wage Estimates Employment Cost Index Employer Cost for Employee Compensation
Employee Benefits Survey (1985 to 2006) National Compensation Survey - Benefits (Beginning with 2010 data)
Work Stoppages Data Weekly & Hourly Earnings Earnings - National State and County Wages

Major Sector Productivity and Costs Major Sector Multifactor Productivity Industry Productivity